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Original acrylic painting "Data Tree", 50x70cm, 20x28 inches, 2023

Original acrylic painting "Data Tree", 50x70cm, 20x28 inches, 2023

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A tree stands tall against the evening sky, A symbol of nature, reaching up high. With leaves that rustle in the gentle breeze, A peaceful calm surrounds, and puts us at ease.

But look closer now, and you will see, Data flowing through the branches, a technology. A symbol of progress, and all that we've achieved, But at what cost, to the earth that we leave?

Can nature and technology coexist, Or will their paths continue to resist? A question that we must ask and explore, For a harmonious balance, we must implore.

The tree with its beauty and technological flow, A reminder of the challenge that we must know. To protect our planet, and move ahead, In a way that allows both nature and tech to be wed.

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