About me

As an artist, I want to
express the complexity of our world in my works. My abstract and surrealist
painting is an expression of my visions and thoughts on subjects such as the
human condition and the emotions we experience as individuals.

Technology, Nature & Humanity

I find it fascinating how technology and nature intertwine and affect
life on earth. In my works I try to represent this connection and make people

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Data, AI and Society

Another topic that concerns me a lot is the increasing role of data and
artificial intelligence in our world. I try to research the positive and
negative effects of these developments and to present them in my works.

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Climate Catastrophe

Global warming and climate change are issues that affect us all. In my works, I want to draw attention to the impact of these developments on our world and encourage the viewer to take action to protect our planet.

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In my works I am exploring the intersection between human emotions and artificial technologies in artistic and scientific form. I hold a PhD in the human perception of visualizations (TU Berlin) and help companies realizing value of data and its visualization . In my art, this intersection is the central topic. How do we humans perceive emotions, technology, and data? How does this interplay change societies as we know them?

Short CV

  • 2006-2012: MSc Information Systems focus data visualization at TU Chemnitz, TU Dresden and Queensland University of Technology
  • 2013-2017: PhD: Visualization of Argumentations and perception measurement at TU Berlin, research stay in Cambridge University (UK), published 23 scientific papers on perception of visualization
  • 2017-2020: BMW : Visual Artist and Data Scientist > Product Owner > Data Strategy
  • since 2020: Allianz : Strategic Product Owner > Head of Data Foundation (CDO Allianz Vers)
  • since 2020: Teaching at TU Munich (AI Ethics) and University of Clemson (Data Visualization)
  • Painting: Abstract and surreal (Acrylic color on canvas)